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     When it comes to clothing, pack according to the weather. Remember, you will spend the better part of the day walking. In hot weather, the most important thing is to avoid sunburn. Cover your head, and wear loose-fitting clothes with long sleeves. For cold and rainy weather, it is a good idea to wear about three thin layers as opposed to one heavy layer. This way, you can easily remove or put them on as your body temperature fluctuates. Sunglasses are also a good idea.

     Hiking boots are the most important piece of apparel you will need. A good, strong pair of hiking boots will protect you from painful blisters, sprains, and other injuries. Proper fitting is essential to avoid discomfort and injury. Your toes should be able to move freely without touching the front wall of the boot. Your foot should be gently but firmly cradled, and it should be snug around the heel to stabilize the ankle. Hiking boots vary in weight according to the kind of terrain and/or trip length for which they are made. Do not substitute proper hiking boots with sneakers or normal outdoors shoes, no matter how short the trip. If you can afford the extra weight on your pack, bring a pair of softer shoes or sandals for wearing around the campsite.

     For increased cushioning, and protection against blisters, it is important to wear the right kind of socks. The best option is a pair of polyester liner socks worn inside a thicker pair of woolen socks.